THU 30 AUG 2012 @ 12 Midnight

Greetings USA
Just listened to the nominee of the Republican Party for President.
I would like to point out that America is part of a global economy. We are isolationist and we should not be isolationist. Jobs do not exist in a vacuum. So we are in partnership with other countries – including China.
Russia & China are working together – and the USA needs a president whom will work with them – not against them. Russia is trying to modernise their 1.9 trillion dollar economy. Their economy is affected as is ours by the price of oil.

I do not want America to be isolationist and this is what I picked up from the Republican presidential nominee. His focus is also the focus of President Obama – creating jobs – but jobs are created in conjunction with a global economy.

The United Nations is charged with keeping the peace in the world.
Our President Obama has endeavored to work with the United Nations and not be isolationist. Peace bring economic growth.

Our President Obama has listened to the economic advisers and acted accordingly. He has brought back Detroit. He has brought back Wall Street and large banks. He has laid a foundation to grow our overall economy that is creating jobs. At this moment, jobs are being created. The foundation has been laid for growth -slow it may be.

Why should we let the Republican Party repeal the Affordable Health Care Act? Why should we let the Republican Party divide our country by denying the freedom of the LGBT community in America.We all know the
Church is charged with promoting freedom and our freedom in America is ordained by our USA Constitution. Not by any choice of Faith – but our choice of Faith and practice of our Faith is a freedom we enjoy in America.
And we have Atheists in America and a LGBT community whom enjoy Constitutional freedom of choice.

America has a future. Whom we want to lead our future will be chosen this November – 2012.Image








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