United Nations Secretary – General Ban Ki-moon is seeking a ceasefire from the Syrian Government.
This call for peace is not likely to happen. Syria is now broiling in a civil war and no peace is escalating involvement with Turkey, Lebanon & Jordan. Anti-American terrorists are also now involved in fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad along with the indigenous Syrian rebels fighting for their Freedom.

United Nations Ban Ki-moon wants a ceasefire to provide a cooling off period to try diplomacy because the escalation of bloody warfare involving Al Qaeda is seen as a threat to stability in the region.

Al Qaeda is conducting major attacks in Damascus and other cities. There is a fear that Al Qaeda will gain control of Syria’s chemical weapons. President al-Assas is key in any diplomatic peace. Al Qaeda is driving chaos to prevent diplomacy. The United Nations must realize by now there is not going to be any diplomatic peace without military force.

Please Pray – there will be no economic growth in the world without peace.

Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship
James R Cathey Ph D Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord since 1975

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