Today THU 2 MAY 2013 is National Prayer DayThe GOP is just being plain Evil by taking

OUR USA Government

hostage over a healthcare law that is still the law of  the land and

will remain the law of the land

The GOP says The Affordable Healthcare Act aka Obamacare is

destroying the nation I say the GOP

are lying through their teeth for Private health insurance. The

facts are in – a majority of USA doctors favor a single TAX-payer

healthcare system. The Affordable Healthcare law of the land is a

step in the right direction. GOP – stop hurting OUR USA & Global

economy over a single healthcare law that YOU cannot effect and

YOU are not going to touch ever.

The law is still the law of the land. YOU are not doing the USA

Americans any favor by your moron action.

The healthcare market place is open on the net.

The Affordable Healthcare Act is alive and well.  The GOP are

idiots.  The GOP have shutdown everything but the Affordable

Healthcare Act.  Keep the law of the land:

Defund the GOP for taking OUR USA hostage.

Love the USA?
Love the USA?

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