Nelson Madela BBC
Nelson Madela BBC

Rick:  I congratulate YOU on Your Work

Victor:  Thank YOU – I Try

Rick:  WE All Try – YOU SUCCEED

Rick Blaine & Victor Laszlo in Casablanca

Casablanca & Nelson Mandela
Casablanca & Nelson Mandela

South African President Nelson Mandela aka Madiba


did indeed succeed in his endeavor for Freedom and

Reconciliation in the Bond of Peace

World mourns Nelson Mandela’s death


Nelson Mandela

Obama, Bush, Clinton to attend Mandela services @
Nelson Mandela

Message from The Nelson Mandela Foundation,

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and The Mandela

Rhodes Foundation

5th December 2013

It is with the deepest regret that we have learned of the

passing of our founder, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela –

Madiba. The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa

will shortly make further official announcements.

We want to express our sadness at this time. No words

can adequately describe this enormous loss to our

nation and to the world.

We give thanks for his life, his leadership, his devotion

to humanity and humanitarian causes. We salute our

friend, colleague and comrade and thank him for his

sacrifices for our freedom. The three charitable

organisations that he created dedicate ourselves to

continue promoting his extraordinary legacy.

Hamba Kahle Madiba @ Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

July 18, 1918 – December 3, 2013

Johannesburg, South Africa | Age 95

Former South African President and anti-apartheid

revolutionary hero has died @ Nelson Mandela

NY Times:  JOHANNESBURG — Nelson Mandela, South

Africa’s first black president and an enduring icon of the

struggle against racial oppression, died on Thursday, the

government announced, leaving the nation without its

moral center at a time of growing dissatisfaction with

the country’s leaders.  Our nation has lost its greatest

son,” President Jacob Zuma said in a televised address

late Thursday night, adding that Mr. Mandela had died

at 8:50 p.m. local time. “His tireless struggle for

freedom earned him the respect of the world. His

humility, his compassion and his humanity earned him

their love.” @ Nelson Mandela

South Africa’s first black president and anti-apartheid

icon Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95.

Mr Mandela led South Africa’s transition from white-

minority rule in the 1990s, after 27 years in prison for

his political activities.

He had been receiving intensive medical care at home

for a lung infection after spending three months in


Announcing the news on South African national TV,

President Jacob Zuma said Mr Mandela was at peace.

“Our nation has lost its greatest son,” Mr Zuma said.

@ Nelson Mandela

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but

the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does

not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

Nelson Mandela

The South African activist and former president Nelson

Mandela (1918-2013) helped bring an end to apartheid

and has been a global advocate for human rights. A

member of the African National Congress party

beginning in the 1940s, he was a leader of both peaceful

protests and armed resistance against the white

minority’s oppressive regime in a racially divided South

Africa. His actions landed him in prison for nearly three

decades and made him the face of the antiapartheid

movement both within his country and internationally.

Released in 1990, he participated in the eradication of

apartheid and in 1994 became the first black president

of South Africa, forming a multiethnic government to

oversee the country’s transition. after retiring from

politics in 1999, he remained a devoted champion for

peace and social justice in his own nation and around

the world until his death in 2013 at the age of 95.

@ Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela obituary:  The Guardian

Hero of the apartheid struggle, he spent 26 years in jail

and then became South Africa’s first democratically

elected president

One must go back to Dallas, Texas, in 1963 to find a

comparable occasion of collective bereavement as that

which has met the death of Nelson Mandela, at the age of

95. Even the assassination of President John F Kennedy

registered less resonantly in the days before the global

village – and, in any case, the trajectory of the American

politician’s life represented promise shattered rather

than hope fulfilled.

Mandela has surely been venerated by more millions in

his lifetime than any political figure in history. In

working to free his country from racial division, he led

an essentially peaceful revolution, culminating in his

release from prison in 1990 and the post-apartheid

election of 1994, which saw him elected as the first

president of a democratic South Africa. The world

responded to the qualities it perceived in the man, as

well as to the scale of his achievement.

@ Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela NY Times
Nelson Mandela NY Times

Nelson Mandela The Guardian
Nelson Mandela The Guardian




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