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We are to be children in malice but men in spiritual understanding
We are to be children in malice but men in spiritual understanding

USA Secretary of State John Kerry to propose


for Mideast peace deal:

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Kerry to propose framework for Mideast peace deal

By Elise Labott

Secretary of State John Kerry will propose a framework

for a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians when

he travels to the region this week.

“During this trip, the secretary will discuss with both

leaders the proposed framework for negotiations,”

deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf

said Monday.

Harf said Kerry’s framework would be guidelines for

permanent status negotiations and would address all

core issues.

Other officials, who briefed reporters before Kerry’s

ninth trip to the region, spoke on the condition of

anonymity so they could be candid about the sensitive

peace talks.

The proposal is based on five months of intensive

consultations with the leaders since the resumption of

the peace process this summer.

“We are not coming in with an American plan that

would be imposed on the parties, but rather we want to

have a detailed consultation with them about these

ideas that have been generated as a result of the

negotiations between the parties themselves,” one of the

officials said. “The secretary’s trip this time is to start to

test those ideas with the two leaders.”

With direct negotiations between the two sides flailing,

the United States seems to have moved into a more

muscular role as mediator by presenting its own

bridging proposals to the parties instead of relying on

the Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate among

themselves, which has born little fruit.

When he visited the region last month Kerry and

retired Gen. John Allen, who has been working on

Israeli security issues, presented Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu with specific and detailed ideas on

how Israel’s security needs in the West Bank could be

addressed in the context of an eventual peace deal with


If Children Ruled the World
If Children Ruled the World
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