If Children Ruled the World

If Children Ruled the World

Our USA and world core interests and values are at stake

The status quo cannot continue!

We must send our brave USA Troops and military

resources now :

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and France are waiting on USA to take ACTION!!!

 the alternative is far worse: Al-Qaeda rebuilding and gaining a new stronghold in Syria

Jabhat al-Nusra has aspirations to attack USA

If we let this situation continue without military intervention we are going to be responding to a terrorist attack originating from a new al-Qaeda enclave in eastern Syria.

Meanwhile Assad continuing his butchery as he has

demonstrated in Homs and using barrel bomb attacks

which kill innocents in this conflict.

Yes – We do have a diplomatic effort by the United Nations in Geneva.

No negotiation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Islamic Jihad Extremeists

One strategy to get Assad to bow to diplomacy is

targeted sanctions on banks that finance arms

shipments to the regime and on financiers of al-Qaeda.

Targeting these institutions would create obstacles to

the regime’s resupply efforts and would place pressure

on Assad’s international supporters to help us achieve a

diplomatic resolution.

However [ this strategy has no chance in hell of

working!  Why?  Both Syrian President Assad and the

terrorists are committed to fight untill death.  Russia is

helping President Assad and The Rich Persian Gulf

states are helping to lucuratively finance the terrorists.

We must come to the aid of the little peace and freedom

coalition seeking help at the Gevena peace talks with

USA troops and military resources

A strategy to keep territory liberated from Al-Qaeda

Terrorists is to pay cash to pay salaries in liberated

areas. By helping the opposition’s local government

councils pay teachers, medical workers, civil servants

and police officers, we can help them gain legitimacy

and establish public order, creating a more viable

alternative to the extremists and the Assad regime.

Sources:  Source: Samuel R. Berger, The Washington Post

Associated Press writers Kimberly Dozier in Washington and Matthew Lee in Paris contributed to this report.

At the birth of Jesus, Angels gave glory to the ONE True God of Israel and said good will to all
At the birth of Jesus, Angels gave glory to the ONE True God of Israel and said good will to all



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