John Lennon Moment
John Lennon Moment

There is no diplomatic solution to the imminent threat

of the jihadist terrorists whom have a refuge in Syria.

They are protected by Russia and financed by rich

Persian Gulf States like Iran.

Desire for Peace should be tempered by reality.  There

is NO diplomatic Peace with the terrorists.

Desire for peace in Syria is based on principles that are

incompatible with the truth.

The world is not fair.  The world is not just.  We have to

bring justice to the world.

How can we rationize away injustice.

When the Catholic Inquistion burned so called heretics

– this evil was explained away as well – those heretics got

what they deserved.  Did Joan of Arc deserve to be

burned alive @ the stake

When Russia starved and exiled millions of Kulaks – this

evil was explained away as they deserved it because this

is a just world and this wouldn’t have happened to them

if they were not evil.

When Nazi Germany murdered 6 million Judeans or

Jews in their evil Nazi concentration camps – this evil

was explained away by saying they were deserving of


A study of neo-classical economics on which we base

our policy states this economy works only in a just


I grew up with economist Milton Friedman.  He states

regarding a free market society:  Each person receives

according to what a person does and according to the

productivity of the instruments the person owns. 

The just world theory is flawed.  This type of economic

thinking and worldview does not produce justice.  It

produces oppression.

Why is Syria under oppression.  Why is a whole

generation of children in Syria being murdered.

There is no way we can justify inaction to the evil that is

happening in Syria. 

It is time to help the little peace and freedom coalition

that is asking for help from the world community.

It is time to commit troops on the ground to help this

little coalition that is the hope of Syria.

This little peace and freedom coalition are the only ones

who showed up @ the UN Geneva Peace Conference.

Where the hell is compassion??  Where the hell is our

willingness to overcome evil???

Mark my words, America, the USA, will pay a very steep

price for military inaction.Today THU 2 MAY 2013 is National Prayer Day

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