We are to be children in malice but men in spiritual understanding
We are to be children in malice but men in spiritual understanding

Wordlight Fellowship Today TUE 2 SEP 2014

I believe God our Father and Jesus our Lord are involved in every human endeavor. Read II Peter 1:3 King David in all his endeavors sought to honor the ONE True God of Israel. He was a shepherd whom killed the great Goliath. He was a musician in the court of King Saul. He was a poet and wrote Psalms. He was a warrior and established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He ruled Israel as King of the land he had united with the help of God. King David communicated to his son Solomon what God had revealed to him to construct a building that would be the heartbeat of Israel – The Temple in Jerusalem. Though King David had broken fellowship with God a few times, he was committed to honor God beyond his lifetime. His vision and the details of the Temple given to him by God became a reality. King Solomon put his heart into the vision and details given him and did indeed build the Temple. God promised King David that his son would build the Temple and that his throne in Jerusalem would be forever. Forever. We see the fulfillment of this promise in Daniel and Revelation. Jesus our Lord will rule forever from the throne in the city of Jerusalem. The true eternal city. This is recorded in II Samuel 7: 12 and 13. King Solomon was given the light to take heed to obey the statues and judgments given to Moses by God. King Solomon was given the details for building the great Temple. He was also given the wealth of Israel and the people of Israel used their skills to build the Temple. I Chronicles 22: 6-16 In our day and time, The American Society of Civil Engineers has named the Panama Canal one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

We whom are members of The Church of His Body – Jesus our Lord are collectively The Temple of God whom is in all and over all. Individually, we are a Tabernacle of God. God and Jesus guide us individually and collectively thru our spiritual birth of holy spirit. Spiritual birth of the gift of holy spirit was made available for all mankind on the day of Pentecost.

We are to endeavor to walk in the spirit. This command was given to us by The Apostle Paul. As we endeavor to walk in the spirit we are able to cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light Romans 13:12


Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship

James R Cathey ThD, PhD

Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord Since 1975
Jesus our Lord is the Head of the Church of His Body and Lord of the Cosmos

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