OUR Charlize Theron stars in
Snow White & The Huntsman
Charlize is Queen Ravenna
Vist our Charlize Theron @ Charlize
Snow White and the Huntsman : 

With Kristen Stewart as Snow White

1 JUN 2012-USA Premiere 

Cool Song Video @  Breath of Life 

by Florence & The Machine
Really Cool Song in
Snow White & the Huntsman

Prometheus is a spaceship carrying a crew to the origins of mankind & Dark Angel @ The Alien OUR Charlize Theron is Capt Kirk
With Noomi Rapace as
The True Believer

8 JUN 2012-USA Premiere
Below:  Alien Spaceship in Prometheus
OUR Charlize Theron with Idris Elba
OUR Noomi Rapace with Sir Ridley Scott

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