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Van Halen :  Source Van Halen @ Rhino.Com

Not long after Van Halen scored their first No.1 single with

Jump, David Lee Roth did exactly that. The band replaced the

departing frontman with Montrose lead singer Sammy Hagar

to record the follow-up to their hit album 1984. With a

similarly numerical name, 5150 (police code for a lunatic at

large) finds Van Halen re-energized and willing to take their

 previous set’s flirtations with synthesizers and balladry to

satisfying conclusions in the form of such songs as Why Can’t

This Be Love, Dreams and Love Walks In. That the record

rocks just as hard as ever (check out the guitar-shredding

action on “Get Up”) means it truly is the best of both worlds.

As this is Sammy Hagar’s

birthday, we’ll wish the Red Rocker

a happy one with the chart-topping 5150.

Hillary Clinton :

We have so many reasons to be hopeful this November. 

Democrats across our country are fighting for hard-working

American families to have a fair shot at the American dream. 

Strong Democratic women like Alison Lundergan Grimes,

Michelle Nunn, and Natalie Tennant give me hope. They’re

running to join great leaders like Kay Hagan, Mary Landrieu,

and Jeanne Shaheen in the United States Senate, where they

will stand up for our values and our future. 

I take hope from all our terrific Democratic women running

for governor, including Mary Burke, Martha Coakley, Wendy

Davis, Maggie Hassan, and Gina Raimondo. You can count on

them to always put our families first. 

These women can win — but not without your help. Chip in $3

or more to help end the gridlock, and get back to common

sense and common ground. 

This election is almost over. And that means we have a choice

to make. 

We can either accept our broken politics in Washington or we

can dig deep and fight for our Democratic values — growing

the middle class, defending dignity and equality for all

Americans, and guaranteeing that equal work really does

earn equal pay. Ultimately, this election is about building a

future of more

opportunity and promise for our children and


grandchildren. It’s about revitalizing the American dream for

hard-working families who’ve earned a chance at a better


I’m confident that you’ll vote this fall. After all, these are your

values too. And you see what’s happening in our country

today. But we need more. We have to make sure all of our

friends and neighbors get out to the polls with you —

especially those who don’t always vote in midterms. That’s

why I’m asking you to pitch in $10 or more today to turn out

every possible Democratic voter in 22


YOU can donate @ this link:

Elect Democrats this NOV 2014 

Democrat Appeal:

I just wanted to check in with you before Wednesday’s critical

fundraising deadline — one of the last we’ll face before

Election Day — and thank you for all the work you’ve been

doing to support Democrats. 

We’ve asked a lot of you, I know. But this election will set the

tone for the next two years, so it’s more important than ever

that we’ve got the resources to win this thing. 

Donate Today @ Democratic Party Official Link 

Today :  Stephanie Cutter:

When you chipped in to support President Obama and other

Democrats in 2012, you did it because you knew how

important the outcome of that election was — and you made


If you think this November’s election is any less important

than 2012, you couldn’t be more wrong. Keeping the White

House was a major step, but unless we hold the Senate and

make major gains in the House — along with winning a few

key governor’s mansions — a lot of the progress we’ve made

will almost certainly be undone. 

But this isn’t just about the next couple years — whether or

not we’re able to execute a winning plan in 2014 is going to go

a long way toward determining whether or not we can keep

the White House in 2016 and beyond. 

We need you right now. Donate before Wednesday’s

mid-month FEC deadline to help Democrats in those tight

races all across the country. 

Help Elect Democrats this NOV 2014 Donate NOW 

Deadlines matter — and we’ve set a big one for tomorrow. 

The EPA is collecting public comments on the President’s

Clean Power Plan, and tomorrow OFA is putting the final

touches on the names we can submit before that window

closes later this fall.

So if you’ve been waiting to add your name, go for it right now

tell the EPA you’re on board with taking strong action to

fight climate change.

We’ve all got a responsibility to put everything we can into


The way I see it, this is our chance to send a crystal clear

message to climate change deniers across the country that

we’re not waiting for their permission to act on climate

change. We simply can’t afford to. 

That’s why the Clean Power Plan is the strongest ever

proposed by an American president — reducing carbon

pollution from power plants 30 percent by 2030. That sends a

real signal to the world that the United States isn’t just talking

about climate change, we’re ready to lead the way.  

And even though climate change is a global challenge, the

solution has to be local for all of us — that’s why we’re also

delivering this show of support to state officials who will be

tasked with implementing the plan. 

There’s not much time left — so add your name before the





As we face the jihadist threat, we need to arm ourselves with

knowledge. My new book, “Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t

Ignore,” will be in bookstores everywhere tomorrow.

Order NOW @ Amazon 

We face a terrorist enemy that has sworn it will kill


Yet our borders are open.  

Last week, there were credible reports that ISIS terrorists

were crossing our open border with Mexico.

There were also reports that up to 40 ISIS terrorists were

already in the U.S.  

We must wake up. We face a dangerous enemy, and a nation

at war must protect its borders.  

At the ACLJ, we’re rising to the challenge. We’re mobilizing

our resources in Washington to tell the President, to tell

Congress, it’s time to protect our nation.  

Sign Our New Petition: Protect America; Guard Our Borders.


Go NOW Protect our Border 

FOX News Video 

CDC holds press conference on the latest confirmed case of

Ebola at a hospital in Dallas, Texas. Watch live NOW on

Go NOW FOX News Ebola Video 

AARP Retirement News

10 Best-Rated States for Retirement 

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10 Free and Inexpensive Attractions in America 

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AARP & Medicare

OCT marks the beginning of open enrollment in Medicare 

Go NOW @  Medicare 

Today:  Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin MON 13 OCT 2014

@ Ebola

@ Wendy Davis Texas Campaign

@ St Louis MO USA 

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@ ISIS & Baghdad

Financial News 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes down more than

220 points after a late slide.

FOX Video @ Dow 
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