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Love the USA?

Today TUE 11 NOV 2014

Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day On Veterans Day, we as a nation pause

to honor the heroes who walk among us: the men and women

who’ve served in our nation’s military and voluntarily put

their lives on the line to safeguard the freedoms we all enjoy.

One of the greatest privileges I have as your senator is being

able to meet some of these brave Americans. Their strength,

courage and selfless devotion to duty both on and off the

battlefield never ceases to amaze me. So – on this day

dedicated to honoring our nation’s veterans – please take a

moment to join me in thanking all those who have served, all

those who are still serving and all of their families. And as

always, thank you for your interest. By FL Senator Bill Nelson

The Internet

OUR USA President is urging the Federal Communications

Commission to protect net neutrality — the principle that all

web traffic should be treated the same, and not controlled by

providers. It’s common sense: Your cable or phone company

shouldn’t get to be a gatekeeper to the internet. They

shouldn’t get to slow down or block access to sites you love,

or be able to charge you extra if you use a service like

Facebook or Netflix Consumers like that about the internet —

and our economy depends on it. Net neutrality encourages

innovation, and puts entrepreneurs on a level playing field.

Immigration Reform

On August 15, 2014 President Obama’s Department of

Homeland Security announced a series of executive actions

on immigration in response to the Ebola outbreak in West

Africa. Specifically, Obama granted nationals of Guinea,

Liberia and Sierra Leone a number of new avenues they could

persue to avoid being deported back to their Ebola inflicted

homelands. The GOP in Congress calls plans for Immigration

Reform amnesty This means they are against Immigration

Reform by OUR USA President Obama whom wants to give

work permits, Social Security numbers, and drivers licenses

to illegal immigrants.

The bottom line: Legalizing all

immigrants is good for OUR USA economic growth.


New Maryland Govenor: Larry Hogan During the election

campaign this year, the Anthony Brown campaign dug into

Larry Hogan’s past statements going back thirty years to try

to scare some voters by making it look like Hogan could and

would singlehandedly roll back Roe v. Wade if elected. Hogan

initially said his past positions were “superfluous” because

abortion is settled law in Maryland. As the Democrats

continued to hit Hogan, his campaign responded with

an ad featuring his daughter. The ad included a pull quote

from Hogan and a line from his daughter basically saying he

wouldn’t do anything to restrict or roll back a woman’s right

to choose. I was a bit surprised that this didn’t result in

further pushback by the Democrats since Hogan answered a

question about late term abortions by the Maryland Catholic

Conference by saying: If legislation were passed by the

legislature that reflected reasonable restrictions to that effect

on third trimester abortions past the point of fetal viability I

would sign it. Brown answers the same question, as I noted

before, by saying:

I believe in a woman’s right to choose under Maryland law.

This is a decision between a woman and her doctor.

Much legislation proposed now restricting late-term

abortions is based on fetal pain and not just viability. I don’t

foresee such legislation getting through the General Assembly

yet for Hogan’s signature. I am more astonished that the

Brown campaign did not hit Hogan on this issue and instead

chose to dig up remarks he made in the early 1980s. It’s

either because they were incompetent (the election loss

makes me think that’s why) or they were afraid to touch the

issue themselves since Maryland has become a destination

for late-term abortions The administration of Martin

O’Malley and Anthony Brown gave a license to notorious late

term abortionist Leroy Carhart, despite Carhart’s track

record and his lies on his application. As a result, Jennifer

Morbelli died after a botched abortion at Carhart’s

 Germantown facility. Complaints were filed against Carhart’s

license, but “no deficiencies” were found in her death by the

state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Brown also

told the conference that he had opposed a ban on physician-

assisted suicide in the past when he was a legislator. As

reported at, Hogan would oppose legalizing

physician-assisted suicide. As I’ve noted before, I didn’t vote

for Hogan in the primary. However, as I noted before the

general election:

In the document A Brief Catechism for Catholic Voters, Fr.

Stephen F. Torraco, PhD wrote that voting for a pro-abortion

candidate is a mortal sin. Fr. Torraco also wrote that voting

for a candidate who cites personal opposition to abortion

while still voting for it would make the voter “an accomplice

in advancing the moral evil of abortion.”

When none of the candidates for a particular office are

completely pro-life, it’s necessary to choose the candidate

that will do the most to promote a culture of life. There are

many incremental steps that can be taken in Maryland to

advance the pro-life cause. Otherwise,

Maryland will continue

to be a state where minors have to get parental consent to go

to a tanning bed, but not to kill their unborn child. Based on

the principles I wrote about, I voted for Larry Hogan. I also

detailed before the election about the reasons I couldn’t vote

for Brown.

In the future, I will look at some of the executive actions and

appointments that Larry Hogan can take as governor to

protect the unborn – many of them non-controversial.

LifeNews Note: Jeff Quinton is the author of the Quinton

Report, based in Maryland, where this originally appeared.

If Children Ruled the World
If Children Ruled the World

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