We are ONE World - Let us love one another as Jesus our Lord commandedRabbis gathered for prayer are attacked 
The rabbis had gathered to ask God to bestow blessings upon their troubled land. Their prayers were interrupted by two men wielding butcher knives and a gun. 

An Israeli police officer and four rabbis were killed, including an American whose family is considered “rabbinic royalty.” 

Combined with the site of the slaughter — a synagogue in West Jerusalem — the targeting of rabbis struck at the soul of Jews around the world, several Jewish leaders said Tuesday.

Keystone XL Pipeline 
TransCanada’s full-fledged Keystone Pipeline system is waiting for U.S. approval to finish construction on 1,200 miles of pipeline known as Keystone XL — the final piece of a 3,800-mile pipeline network 
Keystone XL represents just under a third of the entire Keystone project, and every other piece of pipe has been built and laid out. In fact, TransCanada’s pipeline system is already shipping hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil from the Canadian oil sands across the U.S. border — and into Illinois. The current Keystone XL proposal would run the pipeline through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas

Oil sands are one of environmentalists’ biggest gripes over the proposed Keystone XL pipeline since extracting crude oil from the oil sands (oil + sand = oil sands) pumps about 17% more greenhouse gases into the air than standard crude oil extraction, according to a State Department review of the project. 

Environmentalists, local residents and indigenous tribes are also protesting the pipeline’s planned route, which would cut across the Ogallala Aquifer, which is one of the world’s largest deposits of water accessed through wells — there are about 2,500 within a mile of the would-be Keystone XL route. Aquifers are a key source of fresh water, and environmentalists are concerned the pipeline could pollute those reserves.

Native Americans are concerned about the societal impact of camps with thousands of construction workers living near their communities, which face a high rate of sexual assaults from non-indigenous men, representatives of the activist Wica Agli group said in an interview earlier this week. 

The State Department concluded in January the project would create about 42,000 jobs directly and indirectly during the construction phase (indirect: think commercial benefits for restaurants, shops, etc.). That total includes 3,900 construction jobs to actually build the pipeline. And that the impact on water quality “would be limited.” 

It’s that time of year again :  Fraud

The AARP Fraud Watch Network gives you access to information about how to protect yourself and your family. Non-members and members alike can get our Watchdog Alerts, stay up on con artists’ latest tricks, and find out what to do if you’ve been victimized. It’s free for everyone because AARP is committed to safeguarding Americans’ financial futures.

Iran & Pastor Saeed 

OUR USA President Obama Administration is looking for a diplomatic nuclear deal with Iran.

Our USA should not leave American Pastor Saeed behind!!!   

Agreements require trust, and we cannot trust a nation that is holding and abusing Pastor Saeed, a husband and father imprisoned for his Christian Faith. 

Time is running out. Tell the Obama Administration that we cannot make deals with nations that imprison Americans simply because of their faith.
Tell the Obama Administration that Iran must release Pastor Saeed – a U.S. citizen. The clock is ticking, the Administration is desperate, and Pastor Saeed’s liberty is at stake.  

 Sign Our New Petition: No Deal With Iran While it Holds Saeed.  

Jay Sekulow 
ACLJ Chief Counsel  

Love the USA?
Love the USA?

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