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Love the USA?

Congressional Bipartisan Solutions
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Road to the White House 2016
The Republican Party says that this past mid-term election on 4 NOV 2014 shows the will of the American citizens is for Congress to work together. 
80 million millennials are certainly looking for solutions to our nation’s problems to secure the future for their retirement and for their children. 
Yet, as OUR USA President Obama has pointed out, the Republican Party has been unwilling to be bipartisan on Immigration reform.  While the groundwork has been laid in Congress for a bill on Immigration, no such bill has been voted upon. 
OUR USA needs bipartisan solutions to help our USA middleclass. 
Scientific research must be funded for future generations to solve ever evolving complex problems. 
Education funding and problems can only be solved by bipartisan work in Congress. 
Our aging infrastructure requires bipartisan solutions. 
A glimmer of hope. 
A bill has been introduced to create a Bipartisan Commission. 
This bill is spear-headed by Tom Cole – R – OK and John Delaney D-MD 
Their focus is to keep social security solvent. 
The Inform Act is a bipartisan effort of both the USA Senate & USA House of Representatives to address issues facing millennials and retired baby boomers. 
Along these lines the Future Caucus is a bipartisan effort of  
Tulsi Gabbard D-HI and Aaron Schock R-IL.  Their caucus is committed to compromise to solve major problems to benefit our future destiny. 
If Republicans fail to show they are unwilling to be bipartisan on major issues and fail to pass major Immigration Reform by 2016, I advise YOU to vote for a democrat President and democratic Congress.Vote Road to the White House 2016
Statusn Update :  MON 24 NOV 2014 :  Rich Pay a Lower Tax-Rate @ NY Times
NYC NY USA Possible Choice for Democratic 2016 Convention :  Source NY Times
Status Update:  Immigration Reform & GOP
Status Update :  TUE 25 NOV 2014:
Everyone in Washington agrees that our immigration system is broken. And more than a year ago, senators from both parties came together to pass a comprehensive agreement. But in all that time, the House never voted on the measure at all.

So that’s why, a few days ago, I announced from the White House my plans to take a first step toward fixing the problem. This action means we can crack down on illegal immigration at the border, prioritize deporting felons, not families, and require that many immigrants who have been living in the shadows pass a criminal background check and pay taxes. It means we can help up to 5 million people.

I’m proud to have done this — and I hope you’re proud to support it.

But it’s just a first step. We still need Congress to pass a bill, because we need a comprehensive solution to this problem. Add your name, and help to make sure they get the message.

Moving forward, I’m going to continue reaching out to Republican leaders so we can work on a bipartisan bill.

But in the meantime, I won’t sit idly by — and nor should you.

So add your name, and tell Congress the time is now for comprehensive immigration reform:

Thanks for stepping up. Let’s get this done together.

OUR USA President Barack Obama
Status Update WED 26 NOV 2014: 
Apparently the GOP is not focused on fixing OUR USA Immigration system :  here is a quote from GOP Leader :  By USA President Obama “imposing his will unilaterally may seem tempting. It may serve him politically in the short term. But he knows that it will make an already broken system even more broken” this is a quote from Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell

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