We are ONE World - Let us love one another as Jesus our Lord commandedUSA and World Trade 
In a plea to big labor and liberal Democrats opposing a major new free-trade deal with Asia, President Obama said Thursday the “horse is out of the barn” on America losing jobs overseas and that his proposed agreement would create a more fair trading system. 

“Much of that shift in search of low-wage labor has already occurred and yet we don’t have access to those markets that are growing,” Mr. Obama said at a meeting of his Export Council at the White House. “Instead of fighting the last war, what we need to be doing is looking forward.” 

WASHINGTON – Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) on Wednesday signaled a readiness to fight against President Obama’s push for a free trade deal with Asian countries in the new year. 

“Let’s get ready for what’s coming,” Warren said as she broached the topic of trade in a speech to the AFL-CIO at Gallaudet University Wednesday morning. 

“We believe in trade policies and tax codes that will strengthen our economy, that will raise our standard of living, that will create American jobs,” Warren said, “because we will never give up on these three words: made in America.” 

USA is a vital part of the World Economy – We cannot live in a vacuum no matter how well made USA products are Made in America. 
After years of populist rhetoric against banks and Wall Street, repeated calls for raising the minimum wage and withering campaign-trail criticism of corporate America for shipping jobs overseas and dodging taxes, President Barack Obama could leave office with a foreign policy legacy whose most concrete achievement is a huge free trade deal with Pacific Rim countries.  

On a trip through Asia and Australia over the past week, Obama and his aides have been pushing hard to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership, pressing foreign leaders from 11 countries to hash out their differences and get the pact done in the coming months. 

House Democrats from the nation’s manufacturing heartland are vowing to fight President Obama’s push for a major trade deal in the Asia Pacific, saying the pact will harm U.S. jobs and charging that the administration has not been transparent with Congress in its negotiations. 

“The administration refuses to change its approach to secret negotiations and is pushing to send a final package to Congress with almost no ability for us to scrutinize it,” Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) said Monday on a conference call with reporters. “Enough is enough: no more offshoring, no more NAFTA-style trade deals.” 

USA and World Global Economy is just part of life in a world that still has so called 3rd world countries.  I vote to support our USA President Obama. USA President Barack Obama @ G20 Summit Brisbane 2014
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