David referred to this Star as sign of the MessiahWe are ONE World - Let us love one another as Jesus our Lord commandedIsrael THU 22 JAN 2014 
Friends of Zion World Heritage Center 
Just 600 meters from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel 
The Holocaust was evil.  More than 6 million Jewish people with @ least 1 million Jewish children perished in this evil assault on the Jewish people. 
Survivors of the Holocaust believed Christians could have done more to save the Jewish people from  being at the mercy of  the Heartless Hitler. Annihilation is defined as “total destruction” or “complete obliteration” 
15 April 2015 is the start of Yom HaShoah – i.e.  
Holocaust Remembrance Day 
The Friends of Zion World Heritage Center will be completed by then and will be a lighthouse of love to Israel and the World. 
Thank YOU Mike Evans & Jerusalem Prayer Team
Jerusalem Prayer Team @ JerusalemDefend Israel

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