do not shutdown the gov#Today:  20 JAN 201523 FEB 2015 
#OurUSA #StateoftheUnion : USA President has given his State of the Union to Congress TUE 20 JAN 2015 : GOP has control of Congress: Do we have meaningful Comprehensive 21
st Century Immigration Reform???? Consider that Immigration Reform will make all people in USA legal and will help our USA economy and make USA safer DO WE HAVE Immigration Reform TODAY?
#OurUSAandWorld :  MON 23 FEB 2015 :  Republicans are more interested in fighting our USA President whom is Democrat than in protecting our USA Homeland – The USA border and each USA Community is being put at risk by the GOP – They must think us American citizens are ignorant morons Republicans are being morons and heartless – 1st – the 5 million immigrants have been here for years with their children whom are teens or in college – so any American citizen out of work and seeking a job is not competing with these immigrants – GOP is being heartless about these immigrant families and 2nd – GOP is being heartless toward USA working class families by trying to do away with Social Security – ARE YOU GOING to VOTE in the 2016 Presidential Election???   do not shutdown the gov

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