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Being a Christian in our day & time

A new Pew survey shows the number of Americans identifying as Christians declining from 78% to 70% since 2007. The religiously unaffiliated have increased from 15 to almost 23%. Non-Christian religionists have increased from about 5 to 6%

Christians more thoughtfully point out the survey reflects self-identification, not practice.

YOU can learn the core Christian teachings taught to us by the Apostle Paul @ Core Christian Teachings


Evangelical or born-again Christian believers are @ 25%

Those whom profess to be Catholic are at 21%

Atheist or agnostic people are at 7%

We whom believe the veracity of the Christian Faith can be a light to a world in darkness.  The Faith taught to us by the Apostle Paul in The Church Epistle is the authentic Faith – our true foundation with Jesus our Lord as our cornerstone.

We can embrace the armor of light and cast off the works of darkness in our day and time – Romans 13:12

More and more Christians are seeking Orthodox Christian expressions of The Faith versus liberal expressions.

Individually we seek authentic faith in order to be a moral and spiritual light.


Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship with Integrity, Love & Courage
James R Cathey Th D, Ph D
Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord Since 1975

Jesus our Lord is The Leader of The Church of His Body – America – the World & the Cosmos
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