If Chrildren Ruled the World - World PeaceGreetings in the love of God our Father and Jesus our Lord of the Cosmos:  In our day and time many are  still in the 16th Century :  Jesus was Fathered by God whom is holy – Jesus was born of the seed of the woman and since God was his Father – Jesus had pure blood which qualified him to be the Messiah of God.  Jesus was faithful to the light given him unto death.  Jesus died.  God raised him from the dead.  The Apostle Paul plainly says Jesus our Lord is the only man whom is our mediator between God and man.  Jesus our Lord said God is Spirit.  Jesus our Lord is alive forevermore in an immortal human body.  He did not exist physically until he was conceived by God and Mary gave birth to him.  Jesus our Lord did not exist in heaven before his birth.  He did not exist physically in the Old Testatment until he cas conceived and fulfilled the word of God of a Messiah to be born of the seed of the woman :  Genesis 3:15  :  

We are members in particular of The Body of Christ by spiritual birth of holy spirit: Concerning spiritual matters MANY are very unlearned. There are 5 gift ministies. Also, when we believe God raised Jesus from the dead and confess Jesus is Lord, meaning Lord of the Cosmos, then Jesus baptizes us with holy spirit. This holy spirit we receive makes us a member of The Church of His Body – Jesus our Lord 

This holy spirit has 9 manifestations and 9 fruit. The 9 manifestations and 9 fruit are not gifts. Each believer is born spiritually by the gift of holy spirit and has all 9 manifestations & 9 fruit of holy spirit. No more-no less. The Apostle Paul exhorts us to walk in the spirit and keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.  Yours in the Bonds of Fellowship JamesDove

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