If Chrildren Ruled the World - World PeaceIt is sad that those who teach God is three persons in one that their legacy to future generations is based on the darkness of Satan – aka the Prince of Darkness.
There is ONE God whom is Yahweh. He is the only ONE Eternal Holy Spirit. He has always existed.  He is ONE-not 3 in ONE.

There is ONE Lord whom is Jesus the Messiah of God. Jesus was born of his mother whose name is Mary. Jesus had a beginning – his birth. God raised Jesus from the dead and Jesus is now the Messiah, the Lord of the Cosmos and the Leader of His Body.  Jesus is ONE – He was born a male human child of the flesh.  God is Spirit and cannot become flesh.  He does not break His own laws.  That which is spirit is spirit.  That which is flesh is flesh.

We whom believe THE FAITH are baptized by Jesus with holy spirit. This spirit within us is a new creation the moment we believed God raised His son Jesus from the dead and we confess Jesus is Lord.
This gift of holy spirit by grace is not a person, it is the power of God, the love of God and the medium that allows God and Jesus to speak to us. This holy spirit within us never existed before Jesus baptized us. This holy spirit is the spirit of truth because it receives revelation only from God our Father and Jesus our Lord. It is a power not a person.
Here is the truth: There is God whom is Yahweh the ONE Eternal Spirit. There is the only begotten son of God – the second Adam, whom was faithful to the truth unto death and is now alive forevermore in an immortal body. There is our gift of holy spirit within us and we are to walk in this spirit of truth. God is His own entity. The Lord Jesus is his own entity. Our gift of holy spirit within us is an entity separate from God and Jesus. There is no God made up of 3 persons in one. We are members in particular of the Body of Christ and we are ONE with God our Father and Jesus our Lord by our spiritual birth of holy spirit. We are to walk in the spirit in spiritual fellowship with God and Jesus and one another.
Let us cast off the works of darkness by walking in the spirit and being the light of the truth given us by God our Father and Jesus our Lord.

Yours in the Bonds of Spiritual Fellowship

James R Cathey, PhD

Ordained Minister of Jesus our Lord since 1975

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Delivered from the power of Dark Angel by Romans 10 verses 9and10


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