The Wordlight Research Fellowship is Faithful to the Biblical Narrative

Welcome to Wordlight Fellowship Online

Greetings in the love of God the Father, His son the Lord Jesus and the bonds of spiritual fellowship we have by our baptism of holy spirit.

Preamble to Wordlight Fellowship USA, Inc

Whereas, it is the express purpose of God our Heavenly Father to call out of the world a saved people who constitute the Body of Christ as members in particular and freely contribute to buildup the Body of Christ, built and established on the foundation of the prophets and apostles, Jesus our Lord being the chief cornerstone set by God. 

Whereas, the members of the Church of his Body Jesus our Lord, meaning Lord of the Cosmos, are enjoined to assemble ourselves together to engage in worship, fellowship, counsel, instruction in the Word of Yahweh Almighty God and do the work of the ministry in the exercise of our spiritual gifts in our service as members in particular and ordained ministers of Jesus our Lord as he equips us and directs us to buildup The Church of his Body by the authority he has given us as his ambassadors and servants to be a witness to his resurrection and our spiritual fellowship given us by our baptism of holy spirit giving us spiritual birth of holy spirit by grace,


​Be it resolved, that we recognize ourselves as a Fellowship of followers of Jesus our Lord working together for the common purpose of being a co-worker with Yahweh Almighty God to promote the gospel of his son Jesus whom He has duly appointed both Messiah and Lord of the Cosmos and given all authority over affairs of the Church of his Body,

​Therefore, we have established a legal entity in the State of Florida named Wordlight Fellowship USA, Inc, so that we may exercise all the rights and privileges the law grants to legally established fellowships.

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