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Wordlight Fellowship encourages all to walk in the spirit and endeavor to be faithful ambassadors and ministers of the Lord Jesus with integrity, love and courage.

The Wordlight Research Fellowship endeavors to provide critical exegesis of the biblical text

Our objective to provide biblical research is to help YOU grow in knowlege and understanding of THE FAITH.

We who are faithful to the Word as received by us from God are dedicated to the light of our baptism of holy spirit.

Our baptism of holy spirit gives us spiritual fellowship with Yahweh Almighty God, His son Jesus the Messiah & Lord of the Cosmos and with one another.

All of us as believers of THE FAITH are to walk in the spirit by the light of the 9 manifestations and 9 fruit of our holy spirit within us.

This endeavor to walk in the spirit enables us to be effective ambassadors and ministers of THE FAITH.

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