Proof of Our Spiritual Birth

holy.  Acts 19 Manifestation of the gift of holy spirit The Apostle Paul was in Ephesus and instructed New Believers in the light of the gift of holy spirit administered to us by Jesus our Lord. These believers only knew of the baptism of John the Baptist by water. The Apostle Apollos had taught them […]

Living in Peace

I promote the thesis traditional Judaism, traditional Christianity and traditional Islam can live together in the bond of Peace. Even China was peaceful before Communism. China culture goes back 5000 years when farming is recorded in the Wei and Yellow River Valleys. Today, Hans Chinese pre-dominate in culture and politics. However, there are 55 minorities […]

God is God and Jesus is our Lord of the Cosmos

Greetings in the love of God our Father and Jesus our Lord of the Cosmos:  In our day and time many are  still in the 16th Century :  Jesus was Fathered by God whom is holy – Jesus was born of the seed of the woman and since God was his Father – Jesus had […]

Walk in the spirit

#‎Today‬ : The Apostle Paul says there is only ONE Baptism. Water baptism has been replaced by the ONE baptism of holy spirit administered to us by Jesus our Lord of the Cosmos since the day of Pentecost. OUR baptism of holy spirit makes us a member in particular of the Church of His Body […]

Today WED 13 MAY 2015 Being Christian in USA

Today WED 13 MAY 2015 Being Christian in USA Being a Christian in our day & time A new Pew survey shows the number of Americans identifying as Christians declining from 78% to 70% since 2007. The religiously unaffiliated have increased from 15 to almost 23%. Non-Christian religionists have increased from about 5 to 6% […]

Iran Today WED 13 MAY 2015

Today WED 13 MAY 2015 Iran It is no secret weapons from Iran bound for terrorist organization Hamas have been intercepted. Today, USA President Obama addresses concern over state sponsored terrorism by Iran. USA President Obama gave an interview to an Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat He stated Iran has helped Syrian President Assad to stay […]

#Today : MON 13 APR 2015 : Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform    #Today :  MON 13 APR 2015    ‪#‎Today‬ : MON 13 APR 2015 : Immigration Reform is not amnesty – it is updating an inhumane – outdated immigration policy : #Today: 20 JAN 2015 – 13 APR 2015 ‪#‎OurUSA‬ ‪#‎StateoftheUnion‬ : USA President has given his State of the Union to Congress […]

One State vs Two State or No State

One State or Two State or No State #Today : THU 19 MAR 2015 : Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to cobble together a majority coalition in the coming weeks made up of religious and nationalist parties that generally oppose concessions toward the Palestinians, and a new centrist party whose agenda is focused almost […]

We are to walk in the spirit

Greetings Today in the love of the ONE True God of Israel our Father, Jesus our Lord of the Cosmos and the leader of The Church of His Body and our bonds of spiritual fellowship we have by our spiritual birth of holy spirit : OUR holy spirit given us by Jesus our Lord is […]

Syria Flashback 2014

Let US BE Children in Malice and Men of Peace Syria SAT 22 FEB 2014 @ 1600 #OurUSAandWorld Status Update on Terrorists in Syria: Yes- We have Peace Talks in Geneva – They are to no avail – Both Syrian President Assad and Extremist Terrorists are committed to fight until death!!! There will never be […]